1.   Where will the practices and games take place?  Team practices and skills clinics will take place in the Concord / Acton / Lexington area.  We will enter AAU and/or Zero Gravity Tournaments. These will take place locally.


2.  What types of skills will players work on? There will be several but we will place particular emphasis on the areas that I see most lacking in emerging players: footwork, shooting, ball and team defense, and passing.  That's just a few...there will be others! And whatever skills we work on will be applicable to 5 on 5 game play.


3.  When and where are the Tournaments?  The specific tournament locations are still uncertain but there will be six in total.  There are several options every weekend for AAU and Zero Gravity tournaments, and we want to be sure to choose the ones that work best for us. 

4.  How many players will there be on a team?  Minimum 9 - Maximum 12 (with every effort made to keep it closer to 9-10).  With no more than 12, you can be assured your son will get the attention he deserves and the opportunity to play. 

5. How do the Skills Clinics work for Grade 4-8 players?  In addition to Spring AAU, for several years Elevation Basketball has also offered Skills Clinics in both the Spring and Fall.  They run for 8 weeks on Sunday evenings.  All Spring 2020 AAU players in grade 4-8 can attend any of these Skills Clinics free of charge, in addition to their scheduled team practice. 

5.  So how is this different from other programs?   Like anything, AAU and club teams can vary in quality.  Regardless of your experience (if any) with other programs, I can promise you the following about this program:

  • There will be skill development, practices, evaluation and feedback.  This will not just be all about the games!

  • Your son will get the attention he deserves, both in practices and games.  He will play in every game and increase his confidence over the course of the Fall.  He will be coached by knowledgeable and enthusiastic coaches who love teaching the game.

  • Your son will learn skills.  Games are fun but at younger ages learning and developing skills are most important!  

  • By the end of the season your son will have a clearer understanding of both his strengths and areas in need of improvement.  If he aspires to keep playing at higher levels, I can guarantee he will know what he needs to improve upon to better his chances.

  • Your son will have fun and make some new friends!  Elevation Basketball is open to players from multiple communities, thus players will have the opportunity to meet and compete with new friends and teammates!